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Flue Space Enforcement

Did you know that some Southern California fire department jurisdictions allow warehouse rack flue labels as an alternative to mechanical enforcement?

Rack Flue Spaces

The California Fire Code requires the separation of individual pallet loads by specific minimum clearances called “flue spaces”. In certain jurisdictions, enforcement of these flue spaces is required.

Local Fire Authorities

Fire Departments such as Orange County Fire Authority permit the use of flue labels to satisfy the flue space enforcement requirement.

Flue Labels Are Custom To Your Warehouse.

A representative of will visit your facility and perform a full beam count audit and present options for flue space clearances. Your specific storage rack layout will be used to determine the optimal flue space label count. We will also help you coordinate with your existing high piled storage plan or designer to make sure the labels provided are within the designer’s existing prescription.

Flue Labels Are Very Economical

Flue Labels are comparatively inexpensive alternative to other mechanical means of flue space enforcement. For a small fraction of the cost of a mechanical solution, your warehouse can be completely within flue space conformance requirements where permitted.

Flue Labels Are Safe

Flue Labels give your warehouse forklift operators a visual means of keeping the required flue space clearances when storing pallet loads in warehouse racks. Following this visual means of clearance will increase the performance of the sprinkler system in the event of a fire.

Flue Labels Satisfy Local Code Requirements

(Where Applicable)

A primary goal of fire code conformance for any business manager is to meet code and safety requirements with minimal burden. All flue labels come pre-cut to the exact code clearances for every situation in your warehouse. Contact us today to see if your building is within a jurisdiction that permits the use of Flue Labels. Our staff will even petition the Authority Having Jurisdiction on your behalf in areas where flue labels have not yet been adopted!

About Us

Label Conformance is an Orange County-based company that supplies flue space labels to meet high piled storage code regulations in jurisdictions that support the flue label method of visual enforcement.


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